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Portland’s 2012 Fall Arts Preview

It’s that time of year again when the Portland sunshine retreats for nine months and the winter activities begin indoors! Below is a preview of what will be happening in our lovely city courtesy of the Willamette Week. So grab a hot chocolate, a pal, and go see one of these events. Theater The Body of an American The title of... Read more ›

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MusicFest NW Wraps Up Another Big Year!

From partying under the stars in Pioneer Courthouse Square, to dancing in the Old Church, and getting sprayed with beer at Backspace; some Portlanders danced thier hearts out, some barely slept, but for five days straight MusicFestNW served up some amazing music! Lasting from September 5th-9th, 2012, MFNW had an amazing third year! With over 170 bands at 18 notorious... Read more ›

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Aaron Rian Releases New Book on

The team leader of The Brokerage House, Aaron Rian, is releasing a new book on September 14th, 2012. This educational book called, “Outfront: The Art Of Closing The Deal” is going to be available online. Inside, you’ll discover exclusive breakthrough from the country’s foremost business experts and thought leaders. you’ll learn how to market and sell in revolutionary new ways... Read more ›

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Radio Endorsements for The Brokerage House!

The Brokerage House is proud to announce that we have gotten a few radio endorsements for the Portland, OR area!! We are proud to say that Michael Berry–KEX has endorsed us. He was named Top 25 talk hosts in America by NewsMax Magazine and named him the top 10 talk hosts in America. In addition, The Brokerage House is the... Read more ›

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Video: Pre-Foreclosures

Foreclosure is never a happy time for the people involved; the resident and the bank. However, profiting from foreclosure, especially during pre-foreclosure, is both a profitable and noble strategy. Pre-foreclosure is the delicate time before the home is sold at auction. It’s an excellent opportunity to help beleaguered homeowners out and make money for yourself in the process. So how... Read more ›

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Video: Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments

More and more Americans are shaving down the life of their mortgage term by making biweekly payments and attacking their mortgage principal faster than ever. But before you begin with this form of payment it’s important to make sure you can manage this commitment on a regular basis. To help you make a decision about this valuable way to save... Read more ›

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Video: Down Payments

Believe me when I tell you that your down payment on a new home affects nearly everything you can think of during the buying process; the loan programs you can qualify for, your eligible interest rate, the amount of closing costs, etc. Basically, the more cash you have to put down on a down payment for a home, the more... Read more ›

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Video: Selecting the Right Contractor

We’ve all heard of those nightmare stories when a homeowner didn’t do their homework and are stuck with a horrible job done and thousands of dollars spent that burnt a deep hole in their pockets. But how can YOU avoid the same thing from happening to you? Quality contractors know that their reputation is their best-protected asset so by calling... Read more ›

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Video: How Sellers Can Boost the Sale

As Realtors, we deal with a lot of things and one of them is fielding questions about selling a home successfully. Most frequently asked is “what can I do to prepare my home for sale?” Another popular question is about handling renovations and repairs prior to listing a home. Finally, we tackle making wintertime sales a success. To find out... Read more ›

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Video: Getting More Bang for Your Buck in Today’s Market

Remember The Jeffersons’ Moving On Up? What a fabulous time that was to be able to buy up into something bigger and better at the time — the entire theme of the TV show was based on their sudden luxury lifestyle. Today is no different. By harnessing the buying power you have, you can get in on what will likely... Read more ›

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Video: Flipping a house

Market opportunities are fewer for some but for other, serious, investors wanting to cash in on the foreclosure fiasco faced by much of the nation, flipping homes is a trend we will see much more in the coming months and year. By making an investment toward a property that may not be completely up to par, you can transform the... Read more ›

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