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How to Create a Team that Lasts, Without Sacrificing Your Life w/Marguerite Crespillo

How can you build a business around your life, rather than the other way around? What are the things you should be doing to ensure your business has longevity? On this episode, I talk with real estate speaker and trainer, Marguerite Crespillo, who shares on how we can build a business that serves our lives and doesn’t hold us back.... Read more ›

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How to Build a Better Company Culture w/Lisa Archer

Company culture plays a big role in the success of your business. Are you creating an environment for your team that ensures they’re not only working effectively, but enjoying it as well? How can you foster a better culture for everyone involved with your business? On this episode, Lisa Archer, Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide, shares how... Read more ›

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How to Build and Grow a Business Focused on Leads and Systems w/Adam Hergenrother

In order for an organization to scale and expand to multiple locations successfully, the right right people and systems must be in place. As leaders with an ambition to expand, what are the principles we need to build into our habits and systems to make it happen? Why is clarity such an important thing if you want to succeed? How... Read more ›

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Learn the Tricks of the Trade with a Real Estate Coach w/Lars Hedenborg

Every successful person in real estate has had to overcome challenges and learn lessons along the way. Which of your struggles have other people gone through before? How can their journeys help you avoid their same mistakes? On this episode, I’m joined by Lars Hedenborg, CEO of High Performance Real Estate Advisors and Founder of Real Estate B-School. He shares... Read more ›

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How to Effectively Leverage Yourself w/Jeff Quintin

Leveraging is extremely important when you run a business. How can you start leveraging yourself? Can you leverage your team as well? What can you do to make sure the team you have is effective enough to be leveraged in the first place? Join me as I speak to Jeff Quintin of The Quintin Group for insights on building successful... Read more ›

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Top 3 Things to Guarantee a Full Price Offer On Your Home W/ Aaron Rian

Want to receive multiple offers on your home and sell your home for full price? Find out what key interior and exterior improvements you can make on your home to guarantee a full price offer.   Watch the Episode on YouTube:   Search All Homes For Sale: Your Instant Home Value:  

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How to Go from Business Consultant to Top-Producing Buyer’s Agent w/ Andy McManis

Working with buyers often frustrates agents, but it can be a highly rewarding activity. How can we better understand the buyer’s point of view and become more empathetic to their needs? How does honesty and setting realistic expectations affect the process? What’s the one thing we can all do to stand out instantly in our market? In this episode, Andy... Read more ›

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How to Run a Successful, Driven & Dependable ISA Department w/ Nicolas Cendoya

A pain point that many people have with the ISA model is finding the right people to actually make the calls. How do we make sure we’re slotting the right people into the business? How can we build a feeling of camaraderie between ISAs and brokers? What are the things we need to consider when we’re building an inside sales... Read more ›

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The Importance of Teamwork in Lead Generation w/Greg Harrelson

Teamwork is a powerful tool that often gets overlooked or neglected in business. How should entrepreneurs approach teamwork and take advantage of its benefits? On this episode, I talk with Greg Harrelson, owner and president of The Harrelson Group and host of the Level Up podcast. As a leader who has perfected the art of teamwork in business, Greg shares... Read more ›

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The Secrets of Running a Successful Team w/Chris Heller

As leaders, we may often find ourselves wondering why people aren’t working as fast, as hard and as efficiently as we are. How does this affect our attitude towards delegating? How do we shift our mindsets to something more helpful? When we get out of production, what is the most valuable and impactful use of the time we still invest... Read more ›

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Cultivating an Environment of Success as Director of Sales w/ Dustin Dettwyler

A lot of companies call themselves teams, but they don’t actually apply the team approach. How can you bring connectedness to your team dynamic? What’s the difference between micromanagement and accountability? How do we overcome the challenges of managing people who are in different locations and cities? On this episode Brokerage House Director of Sales, Dustin Dettwyler, talks about running... Read more ›

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Are We in a Buyer’s Market or a Seller’s Market?

  One of the most common questions people ask is if we are in a buyer’s or seller’s market. We have the answer for you today. Want to buy a West Coast Home? Search All Homes For Sale. Want to sell a West Coast Home? Get a FREE home value report. Are Oregon and Washington in buyer’s or seller’s markets? How... Read more ›

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